Hello! My name is…

A bunch of my girlfriends gather around and have scrapbook night once and awhile. We don’t talk too much because we are concentrating on what were are doing, but of course were talking about what else…my new but old tractor!

At this point I knew I had to name it, but I wasn’t sure what! We were all thinking about names to call it and none were that prefect name. Anyone that knows me, knows I want everything perfect or at least very close to perfect. No, actually… Perfect! Finally, my cousin Abbie said to me what about a southern name? “oooooo…that might be cool”, I said.

The next day Abbie sent me the list of names from a baby name book she had and I just wasn’t feeling that they were the right fit. I was so bummed. I just wanted to pick out a name for my little miss daisy. I remember saying to myself …”little miss daisy over and over again. I have to come up with a name little miss daisy” as I was sitting on the stool staring at it and talking to it as if it was a person. I said that over and over again! Then it hit me…..I am going to name her “Daisy”!

Now that Daisy has a name! What’s next?

Of All Times to Come…

I woke up on Sunday morning October 14, 2012, and I knew today was going to be the day! I was finally going to get my tractor. I had no reason to not believe it wasn’t going to come, except for the fact I had been stood up two other times. I woke David up and said today’s the day! He said “don’t get your hopes up, if it comes it will come!” David was just trying to protect me because he knew how crushed I have been the last few days.

Driving to work, I kept playing the Big John Deere tractor song off my iPhone, singing along, happy as could be. Then, I started getting worried about where is he going to deliver the tractor, if he’s early? I said to myself, he won’t be early he is 3 days late! Besides, I told him the night before I work until 4:00pm, and I wont be home until 5:00pm. I was getting really nervous about the time the truck was going to arrive with my brand new, but old John Deere on the back. I told the driver it had to be after 5:00pm anyway,because the farm was extremely busy with the fall business, selling pumpkins. Everyone at work was trying to pump me up, but I still had my wall up, even though I had a feeling that it was coming tonight. I mean REALLY how could it not come tonight?? The clock struck 3:45pm and out the door I went!!! I couldn’t wait anymore! I wanted to rush up to my house, and get my jeans on and my John Deere hat!

As I drove by the farm, it was packed! It was 4:45pm and there were cars parked everywhere! They were in both parking lots, in the field, on the road, just everywhere! Usually, when I drive by and see that I am so happy for my family that they are having a busy day. But not today! I just wanted my tractor, and I knew a truck couldn’t fit in the parking lot never-mind a huge trailer. I called Chris, hoping he wasn’t in the area yet.

Shannon: “Hi Chris, what’s your location?”
As I am hoping he is going to say, he is still in upstate New York at the drop before mine.

Chris: “I just came over the bridge…” thinking to myself the GW bridge? “…I am near exit 53”

Shannon: “EXIT 53 as in Right down the road….!?!?!?”

Chris: “I sure am!” proud of himself for getting here in a timely fashion.
Of all times he is early it’s when I can’t get the tractor. I kept saying to myself how am I going to get this? Do I change locations? Should I go to the garden center down the road or to the school? But my whole family is at the farm to help me. They can’t just leave all the customers. Ok, my mind is made up…

Shannon: “Chris, you won’t believe the cars in this lot right now, you won’t be able to get in! Can you go to the truck stop a couple exits up?”

Chris: “not a problem, what do you think for about 10-15 mins?”

Shannon: “about that or so”

I had worked at the farm for many years, and knew those cars were not moving! People were on hayrides, eating ice cream, in the hay maze, in the corn maze, picking out pumpkins and looking at the animals….trust me I knew they weren’t going anywhere. That was fine with me, because I had studied the parking lot very strategically, and figured out how the rig could get in the lot with half of the cars gone. The problem was, the half of the cars I wanted to leave were the cars that stayed past closing time.

6:20pm comes around and I call Chris to come over NOW! I am so excited, I can’t wait for it to show up. My family all comes down from up above, my mother and father are here with woollybear, my Grandmother, my aunts, uncles, cousins, our two best friends Chris & Kristen and their son Sean! I can’t wait!!!

I see lights coming up the road from around the corner! This is it….I see my tractor, I start screaming that my tractor is here and I run down to the road to to flag the driver in and tell him how to pull in, because after all there were still cars in the parking lot.

The truck pulls in EXACTLY where I want it, EXACTLY how I visioned it, except it’s dark out. But that’s ok, because we have nice, bright parking lot lights. I tell my father to start taking the pictures and he does, but they aren’t coming out good because of the reflection tape of the trailer, but that’s ok, because I have my tractor! I am so EXCITED! David & Chris along with my Uncle Bob, and my cousins Jon, Nate, Steve, and Ty all led the charge of getting the tractor off the trailer, because it didnt roll so they had to push it. Nate had the idea to back the dumpster truck up to the back of the trailer and push it on there so it is level, and it works better with the front narrow wheels then David’s trailer. I am so EXCITED, I watch in awe, as this heavy green machine is pushed on they other truck with not just one, but TWO tires that are falling apart. I can’t even get upset over the second tire, it must have just been so dry rotted it crumbled during transit. My new tractor is such a show stopper. Customers were watching, cars were driving by slowly honking their horns. I was just so happy! I had been waiting 4 years to find the tractor of my dreams and I finally have it!!! It’s loaded on the truck and it’s on its way up to my house. I said goodbye to the driver Chris for a job well down and off I went.

We pull into the driveway and Nate backs up to exactly where I can see my new tractor ALL THE TIME! He backs the truck up, tilts the bed back and the heavy green iron comes off the back. Jon, Dave and Chris help take it off. Kristen gets the cake ready! Sean finds the John Deere balloons and brings them outside. My mom shows up to the house, so excited for me. Dave’s parents come over to look at my new toy. The phone keeps ringing, other people wanted to come but didn’t because it was getting late. That’s ok, because I have my tractor and it isn’t going anywhere!!

Now, the question is …. what to name it??






Is Today the Day?

It’s Saturday morning, October 13th and I wake up to David saying….”today’s the day! Your tractors coming!” I remember exactly what I said…. “I hope so, but I am not getting my hopes up again.”

I get to work and everyone is excited for me, but I am staying low key because I refused to hurt again by it not coming. The walls are up and nothing is going to break them except for when I see the big John Deere rolling in the farms parking lot that evening!

David would call me throughout the morning trying to pump me up, because he knew how crushed I was the other day. My friends and family were texting me what time is it coming? I told them its supposed to be 6:00pm, but I am not getting my hopes up. I couldn’t even call the hauler to find out what time, because I was afraid to get hurt. Deep down I said to myself, “he can’t not come again!”

All of a sudden, my cell phone rings! It’s him, a big smile comes across my face I am so happy, he remembered me. I say hello…

Shannon: “hi Chris…how are you feeling?”
Chris: “much better today thank you!”
Shannon: “are we still on schedule for 6:00pm?”
Chris: “well, Shannon …I started driving yesterday morning like I said I would, and I ….”

Oh boy, here it comes he is going to tell me he his going to be a little late. I can handle that. Not a problem after all he didn’t come the first time, but he is feeling better and he left yesterday morning. So we should be on track, he won’t break my heart again…or will he?

Chris: ” … I am a little behind schedule”
Shannon: “that’s ok, we have parking lot lights, not a problem”
Chris: “no Shannon, I won’t need lights. Ya see, I got to driving yesterday and I just couldn’t do it. I only made it to the other side of Ohio.”
Shannon: “oh….will you make it by dark then?” thinking he was already on the road.
Chris: “I am looking at tomorrow afternoon sometime, I am going to head out on the road now”

Tomorrow afternoon, REALLY!!!!! I want my tractor NOW!!! This is ridiculous!!! I tell him to drive safe and hang up.

Once again, I am devastated! I text everyone, no tractor tonight! They all think I am joking of course, but unfortunately I am not!

All i have to say is….It better be here tomorrow!!!!

It’s On It’s Way…or Is It?

It’s been a long time since I had bought the tractor on eBay, actually it had been 33 days but who is counting! I have been so patient at waiting, Tuesday 10/9/12 at 4:45pm the phone rang. It was a phone number from Indiana on the caller ID. My heart started to race for excitement, finally the tractor is coming. The haulers name was Chris, he was extremely nice and wanted to bring my new tractor in 2 days, which would be Thursday in the afternoon to late evening. Of course, I had to work that day, but I was able to leave to go get my tractor after all everyone knew it was coming as that is all I have been talking about for the last month. I had it all set up for Chris to deliver it to the farm. He had already picked it up in Waterloo, Wisconsin and brought it to his yard in Indiana.

On 10/11/12, delivery day was here. I was so happy! The night before I went on iTunes and found John Deere songs and played them over and over again. I had a cake made for everyone who was going to help unload the tractor at the “John Deere Party” I was throwing that evening. I was searching for John Deere balloons and finally found them. I was ready for this big green tractor to make its way from Indiana to Connecticut.

I called Chris that morning to verify but he didn’t answer the phone. I left a message, but it didn’t really concern me because he was driving a rig and he shouldn’t be on his phone anyway. I told him I would be at the farm after 3:00pm.

The clock strikes 2:00pm and I run out the door to drive home and sure enough, I need gas! Of all times, now I need gas?? I got gas and hit the highway. I arrived at the farm for 3:00pm ready for the delivery.

I set up my iPad, put my sunglasses on because of the bright sun, i faced the road in the right direction and I waited, and waited, and waited….I decide to get some pie à la mode from the creamery. I sit down and position myself again, take one bite of ice cream and the phone rings…it’s Chris. I say to myself, I wonder how far out he is….5 mins, 30 mins, an hour tops???

Chris: “Hi Shannon, this is Chris.”
Shannon: “Hi Chris, how far away are you?
Chris: “Well, Shannon I am not sure how to tell ya this but….After I got off the phone with you I got very ill and….
Shannon thinking to herself: oh he must just be behind schedule??
Chris: ….”my wife was supposed to call you but she forgot”…
Shannon still thinking: not a problem we have parking lot lights he can come whenever tonight to unload.
Chris:….”well, Shannon …I am still in Indiana, I apologize deeply, I just woke up and listened to your message and remembered I never told her to call you. I am so sorry!”

Well, as you can see I am not a happy person about this. I have been waiting for weeks for my tractor to arrive. Chris told me he would be bringing it out either saturday or Sunday my choice, of course I said Saturday! But how am I going to unload it, the farm market is way to busy on the weekend. I was determined, after talking to my uncles, he will just have to come after 5:30pm after all we do have parking lot lights.

I was devastated, I took my pie à la mode and threw it out, got in the car and drove off. I must have had 20 phones calls from people who were asking if the tractor was here yet. I just wanted to cry I was so upset…but I didn’t. I understood Chris was sick, but of all times it was when he was supposed to bring my tractor!

So now the question is…will Chris deliver the John Deere Saturday?

Should I or Shouldn’t I…

I was looking for a John Deere tractor to restore for the past 4 years.  Finally, I came across these pictures on eBay and fell in love.  All week, I waited and waited and waited.  People were bidding left and right.  I held off.   It was September 6, 2012 was I was nervous about bidding on it.  I asked my husband David if I should get it.  He encourged me and said “Yes, you have been waiting for years for the right tractor to come around.”  

The specifications of the tractor had to be specific.  The most important thing was to have a good set of spoked wheels both in the front and in the back.  Then, it had to have ‘John Deere’ written across the “butt” of the tractor.  I wanted it to have logos on all for sides, including the small gas tank.  It had to be a Model A so I could pull with it and join my cousins on Saturday’s as they compete for the blue ribbon.  I wanted the tractor to run if possible and it didn’t matter how much rust it had as long as it would clean up nice. The tractor had to be unstyled instead of styled because it was more unique.

The clock is ticking and at 10:25pm with 4 seconds left in the bid I clicked the button and WON!!!!!!!!  I am now a proud owner of a 1935 John Deere A Unstyled.  Now, the problem is how do I get it to Connecticut from Waterloo, Wisconsin???

Loving a Deere!

Growing up on my family’s farm was one of the best gifts I could have ever asked for. I learned how to work at a very young age by selling strawberries off the wagon when I was 3 years old after nursery school with my grandmother. I loved riding on the tractor wagon as my uncles or grandfather would bring it up the hill from the roadside at the end of the day, watching the big wheels go round and round. The farm had all types of tractors. There was a big blue tractor with a cab, a silvery gray tractor that was smaller; of course there was backhoe and a bulldozer too. I think there were others too, but when thinking back 33 years it gets a little foggy. Bottom line is I had a love for tractors!

As I grew older, my uncles and Grandfather taught me how to drive the tractors around the farm, bringing the fruit and vegetables to the farm market for sale. My family has a construction business too, so it seemed like there is always a piece of equipment being worked on up at the shed or the big green building. I would walk up to the shed and sit down to visit them, positioned just right to watch their every move. Little did they know I wanted to fix the tractor with them. Once in a while I would ask my grandfather if I could help him and he would let me try it out, but most of the time I just watched and asked questions taking it all in like a sponge.

Throughout the years, more and more tractors came in and went out of my life, but in the end I have a love for the John Deere.

In 1999, I started to date my now husband David who was at the time a diesel mechanic. David loved and still loves, to work on anything that runs. At the time we started to date he was restoring a 1982 Camaro Z28 and his best friend was restoring a 1968 Camaro Rally Sport. Again, I would go over their houses and watched them work on the cars. Once, in a while they would have me help them by cleaning off parts or something simple like that, but I will never forget the day, David was working on the Z28 and I made the comment to him that I wanted to do a bigger project instead of cleaning parts, and he said to me “Ok, you can take the transmission out!” I couldn’t believe it! I was happier than a pig in shit. I was so excited, I got under the car and did it. David was in shock. Of course I needed help with moving the transmission because of the size and I needed a few pointers here and there, but I was proud of myself. From that point on I had the confidence I needed to try to work on anything.

David and I got married in 2005, after he started his excavation business. Our first big purchase after we bought our house was a John Deere L120 riding lawn mower. I bought a little wagon for the back and I would drive from one side of my yard to the other. My yard used to be a hay field, and I had so much fun to turning it into a grass yard with my little John Deerre. One and a half acres is just the right size to maintain. Of course, I wanted it all lawn so I can drive my little tractor with my matching John Deere hat back and forth mowing the lawn to perfection.

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